Introducing Birds of the South Downs

They have arrived! I am really pleased with how they look, and have commandeered myself a copy to take out and about on the South Downs. It’s more of a connoisseur’s logbook, with a few tricky species to keep a look out for in the National Park as well as some favourites.

These logbooks have been produced in association with South Downs Wildlife, so they will be available to purchase from their website and on their excellent birding tours. If you’ve not done guided birdwatching before, I do thoroughly recommend them as it’s great to take advantage of someone’s extensive and local knowledge to really get to grips with the different birds in your area. If you, like me, are committing to low-carbon birding this year, perhaps use the funds saved by not driving towards a birding event?

Here are a few photos of the BotSD logbook:

They are available here on my website, as well as through the other outlets – see my Stockists page for more details.

Birds of the South Downs birdwatching logbook

Includes UK postage and free stickers


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