Wilderness Wood Home Ed Art Group: Sky

My main aim with the art group is to encourage exploration and experimentation. With this in mind I kept with the ‘elemental’ theme and we looked at clouds, sunsets, moody stormy skies using charcoal, compressed charcoal, soft pastel, watercolour, graphite stick and pencil.

I had printed off some vector images as well as some more abstract/painterly examples of clouds. Learning different techniques and working out what sort of art you enjoy drawing is really important as is it pointless trying to draw something you don’t like, or in a way you don’t find enjoyable, so I am putting lots of ideas in front of the children so they can see what appeals.

They really got to grips with this subject and there were some beautiful drawings emerging as they tried different approaches and techniques: they all produced some really beautiful images. I was so impressed at both their ability to observe the examples, as well as use their imagination; the sunsets were entirely their own work as I only brought cloud images for them to use as prompts.

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