Wilderness Wood Home-ed Art Class: Fire

For this week, our first back after the half term break, we had a look at the new art materials I’d purchased for the group and then focussed on the afternoon’s topic: drawing a campfire with pastels. I had some Canford paper in case the children wanted to try a coloured background, but we started off with a few light practise drawings with a 2H pencil.

Fire and flames have a 3D structure which is quite difficult to portray on paper, but we looked at the shapes the flames make, as well as the hottest (white/pale yellow) and coolest (red/orange) parts of the fire to give a sense of form.

I had printed off some examples for the children to copy and explore with their drawings, although it went off piste fairly quickly as they loved the pastels! We mixed in some charcoal too as it is a similar medium, and tried a bit of smudging – some intentional, some not so much…

They all really enjoyed experimenting, and it’s always interesting to see how they all tackle the session so differently and it’s great to see them gaining confidence and exploring ideas. All the children are much more willing to give things a go and try new ideas without the immediate response of ‘I’m not good at…/I can’t do that…’ which is so prevalent with art, sadly. my primary aim is to encourage them to see what they enjoy and guide them on how best to use the materials for the intended outcome but their imagination and ability to observe is really blossoming and that is so heartening. Here is the gallery of some of the work from the session:

Details of the activities at Wilderness Wood can be found here. My birdwatching logbook and Lúska’s Spotter Sheet are available from The Hatch if you want to go for a walk though the woodland.

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