Avocet Gallery & Tea Room

Last time I visited the Gallery I forgot to take any photos, so when I went this time to drop off the Birds of Rye Harbour I made sure to have some more cake, and to get my phone out for some snaps. I met Paul there, and took my son and his girlfriend too as they’ve just arrived back from Uni and needed a bit of cheering up!

I had a plum and almond cake, Paul and Camille had the chocolate brownie, and Tristan had his favourite – lemon cake. The artwork is so beautiful, and beautifully curated with a wide selection of styles and genres but all displayed with a coherence and flair.

If you like cake and art, I highly recommend a visit and I’m really pleased my books are being stocked in such lovely places. Many thanks to the charming owners, Morgan and Peter, for finding space in their beautiful gallery for the birdwatching logbooks.

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