I’m very partial to a bit of a stationery, and I saw a post on Shepherds London‘s Instagram showing some handmade envelopes using their beautiful papers. Well. Well. I didn’t need much persuading as my logbooks look a bit naff in the brown card-backed jobbies so I thought I’d make some envelopes as a kind of gift wrap.

I picked apart an old envelope I’ve had knocking around in my bureau for years as I liked the style, and used it as a template. From Shepherds I got some Charleston prints, as well as Angela Harding, Angie Lewin, and Mark Hearld. The barn owl is from Hannah Rathbone “The Poetry of Birds”:

I think they look lovely!

I will get some proper stamps and some offcuts of plain paper for the addresses, but I can fix them down with a little mini sticker (backed up with double-sided sellotape for posting). Aren’t they cute?

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