Here is the link to my Etsy Shop:

I have been wondering how to market my art since lockdown, as I normally attend a few fairs in the autumn and winter. I am a beekeeper so my spring and summer are busy, but once the hives are tucked up for the winter I can turn my attention to more artistic pursuits.

It was suggested to me by some friends of mine who run a successful online home-brew supplies business that I should try Etsy, which may seem an obvious choice but the downside is that art is very difficult to convey in a search engine, and it pains me to keep referring to sales when I paint because I love birds. As with many (most?) non-commercial artists, I struggle to “sell’ art as it is so subjective, and the mindset required to value and promote my work seems at odds with my reasoning to paint in the first place. I do not wish to give my art away though either as that thought is an affront on every level: my creativity, inspiration, skill, time, materials need to be compensated, and of course I feel my art is worth something. I want it to be out there on people’s walls, and for people to get pleasure and joy from the birds they buy, but the transactional aspect of that process is a tricky one.

I spent the day yesterday auditing my work, from my earlier paintings to more recent prints, via my stickers and other digitally-printed offshoots. There is a large number that have amassed, and as I have not done any determined selling since I started painting back in 2016, I am keen to get it out of the browser and in to people’s homes. I have a rather esoteric collection as I am birdwatcher first, artist second, so aware as I am that there would be a far larger market for a flamingo or a toucan than a female bullfinch and a shag, the bird buff in me won’t shift. I am also aware that many birdlovers prefer photographs, so I have created an uphill struggle for myself!

I would love to use my work as part of an identification aid, as my primary aim with the paintings is accuracy, to capture the main diagnostic plumage points but more importantly the jizz: tilt of the head, stance, body position. Fellow birdwatchers do say “you’ve really got that bird…” and I find that a tremendous compliment, and I also love it when folk say they recognised a bird they’ve seen because of my painting – I would like to investigate that at some point, as I love to share my knowledge and enthusiasm.

I will be adding to my Etsy shop over the next week or so as currently there is a lone puffin, but do please head over and give it a like if you’re able to:

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