I was asked if I could transfer one of my gull designs on to a cushion for someone who was wanting a seaside-themed conservatory, and I was rather concerned as I didn’t want a transfer which was stuck on to the fabric, nor a cushion with a rubbish zip and poor quality feel. I went with Contrado, a London-based company who print the images and make up the products here in the UK.

I was interested to see how it turned out, as I’ve not done any enlarging of the images – they reduce down for the stickers and cards really effectively as it tightens up the outlines and makes everything super-sharp, but the herring gull is a simple painting, in that it’s only a few colours and there aren’t too many fiddly bits! I was really pleased with the result, and was asked if I could organise a black-headed gull cushion to go alongside.

This I did, as well as another herring gull as I thought that one might be popular. I put aside my aversion to any soft furnishings involving white (I have a household of animals, children, coffee, gouache paint…) and decided on a magpie design to see how it looked. The blue cushions have a creamy brown back, and I went for a graphite grey backing for the magpie. The fabric is soft and peachy, and the backing more suede-like. They are feather-filled and 40cm square.

I will be choosing some more designs to offer as cushions, but if there is a particular bird that you would like to have in cushion form, then do get in touch at to discuss. They cost £45 plus postage.

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